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Artventures!® is your party game on the adventures of art and art history.  It can be played many ways.  Here are just two to get started.

As a Card Game, you’ll have zany encounters with great artists and famous works of art, with the Artist and History Cards.  The Action Cards inspire easy art making (absolutely no experience needed).

Bonus: You can also turn the card deck into a Tabletop Board Game.  It’s simple!  A black-and-white gameboard is included inside, waiting for you and the other players to color.  Your instant gameboard provides a path for becoming a bigwig artist.

Keep a tally as you collect Skill, Collector, and Museum Purchase points along the way.  The player with the most points at the end of the game ‘wins’.

Everyone is a winner from the creative inspiration and laughter that comes from playing Artventures!® Game.

“I received my official game today! Ben and I just played.  It’s very fun.  We got some good laughs out of it.  We both especially liked the one where I lost a turn while getting my ego under control.  There are some real life lessons in this game.” 


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Thank you, Jan Doyle, for featuring Artventures!® Game on Wyse Talk! May 2016

Thank you, New Haven Independent and Lucy Gellman for your essay on Artventures!® Game February 10, 2016

“Artventures is a fun, engaging, intelligent game! Learn about and create your own art. You won’t want to stop once you start. A family favorite.”

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Artventures!® Game is a product of Lively Mind, LLC and not affiliated or produced by ArtVentures Studio, LLC.


Game Cards

Here are examples of the 3 types of Game Cards.




Game Directions

For 2-6 players, ages 14+

80 Cards
(40 Artist Cards, 20 History Cards, 20 Action Cards)


Bonus! Black-and-White Gameboard, ready to color

Not included (but great to have nearby)

Art Supplies (for simple art-making with the Action cards):
Find what you have at home, such as markers, crayons, pencils, chalk, gel pens, sketchpad, scratch paper, scissors, tape, glue, stapler, and glitter

Blank sheet to tally points per player



Game pieces (you can find or design your own!)


Game Play


Artventures!® can be played many ways. Here are two:

  • Playing with the Cards Only
  • Playing with the Cards Plus the Gameboard


Playing with the Cards Only

Shuffle the Artist, History, and Action cards together. If you have dice, you can use one or both to play. Otherwise, use one or more coins. If you are using coins, heads = 2 and tails = 1.

Determine which player goes first. If any player has the same name as a famous artist, that player automatically goes first. If more than one player has the same name as a famous artist, the player whose name is the same as the artist from the furthest back in history goes first. Otherwise, all players roll the dice or flip one or more coins. The player with the highest dice roll, or the most coin points tossed, goes first.

To play, roll the dice or toss a coin or coins.   Count out the cards from the top of the deck to the number rolled. If you are tossing one or more coins, heads = 2 and tails = 1. Place the other cards at the bottom of the deck.

Follow the instructions on the card. If a player does not want to follow the instructions on the card, that player loses a turn. If a player is unfamiliar with the artist or event on a card, take a time out to explore and learn together.

During play, players will be rewarded with Skill, Collector, and Museum Purchase points.  Here’s how you tally your points:

  • Skill = 1 point
  • Collector = 3 points
  • Museum Purchase = 5 points

Play continues until any player is ready to stop, or the deck has been played out. Players then tally their points to determine the winner. The player with the most points wins the game.


Artventures_GameboardPlaying with the Cards Plus the Gameboard  (in addition to the card instructions above)

Any and all players can color the Bonus black-and-white, paper gameboard. Players may want to laminate the finished version at an office supply store to preserve it, or play on the paper gameboard as is.

Find small objects that will serve as your playing pieces. Have fun   selecting!

Separate the cards into 3 decks by type: Artist, History, and Action cards.

Next, find one or two dice or gather a couple of coins. Rolling or tossing these will determine how many spaces the players move on the gameboard. Heads = 2 and tails = 1. Each space on the gameboard has instructions for players. Landing on Artist, History, or Action spaces takes players to that deck of cards. Follow the instructions on the card.

All players start at the space: “I want be an artist!” One player reaches the final space: “Congratulations! Solo show at a New York museum!” Play stops with the first player to reach this last space. The player with the most points wins, even if this player did not reach the last space.

Playing with the Cards Plus Gameboard, Points Awarded:

  • 10 points for landing first on the final space, “Congratulations! Solo show at a New York Museum!”
  • 1 point for each Artist card, after following all instructions
  • 1 point for each History card, after following all instructions
  • 1 point for each Action card, after following all instructions

Plus tally your points from game play:

  • Skill = 1 point
  • Collector = 3 points
  • Museum Purchase = 5 points


Have fun, get creative, and go play Artventures!® Game!

*If played as a tabletop board game, game play can include small pieces. Please be careful when playing with small children, to prevent any possible choking.


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“This is so much fun and really easy to play. Prepare to laugh a lot!!!”

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Wesleyan Potters – thanks for carrying Artventures!™ Game year-round!
…and more coming soon!

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“I’m loving this entertaining game.  Very clever and enjoyable. Would make a nice stocking-stuffer or hostess gift.”

“This is a fun way to play a game! The pictures of the art work are quite wonderful. I can think of so many ways to use the cards besides just playing the game…which is great too!”

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Artventures!® is available for you to order today!  What a graduation gift!  Great for Hanukkah!  A perfect stocking stuffer!

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“Adorable! Has been a great addition to our gift shop.” 
Stephanie Harris, Director of Operations, Mattatuck Museum


Artventures Made in USA


“Very fun and great entertainment!  As an artist I can testify that this game touches on not just art history, but also (in a very funny way) on real life experiences of artists.  My husband and I were laughing out loud as we played!  Highly recommended.”

“It’s not just colorful and cheery to look at. It’s so much fun to play. We laughed so much. Loved the Action cards. Mostly, perhaps, loved the fact that there were so many ways to enjoy the game. Can’t wait to share it with others.”



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